Happy Father's Day, SCC

Happy Father’s Day! The kids and I wanted to do something special for our beloved SCC for Father’s Day this year, so here is a fun little surprise! Each of the kids wrote some Father’s Day reflections for my blog. 

Steven, we are so thankful today that you are the leader, captain, true north, and the "head ‘em up and move ‘em outer” of our family.  I’d be completely and utterly lost without you! You’ve led us so well in this crazy world and your spiritual strength and trust in our Heavenly Father has been the anchor for us all. You’ve taught our boys how to love their wives completely, and you’ve modeled to our daughters what to look for in a true companion and husband. You’re the best dad (minus the occasional “Gandalf” voice) a child could ever want, not to mention the epic of all epic Poppops to our grand-pile! I am blessed beyond measure and have been the recipient of all the good things your life represents. It hasn’t been easy, and still….you have been our steady, consistent, and covering. For that, we love you! As Maria used to say…“To infinity and beyond!”

All of my heart is all,


maria and dad.jpg


My father is a special man. Over the past handful of years as I have witnessed the process of him writing a book and embarking on sharing his life story in many cities and venues throughout our country on the SCC SOLO tour, my appreciation for God's work in his life has deepened and my respect for him has grown. Additionally, I've been reminded of how God so clearly captured his heart and imagination at a young age to tell stories through music. It is often true of our journeys that we take small steps in our early history that define, to some degree, the steps that take us to where we find ourselves today. It is God's grace evidenced in our lives... our hearts coming alive to ways to proclaim God's goodness with the gifts, talents, or expertise He has gifted us to steward this side of eternity. 

My dad has, from a young age, told redemptive stories through music. Words so commonly fail our human experience... they don't quite capture the sadness of the brokenness or proclaim the incredible beauty of God's light, love, and life at work in and through the lives of his saints. But music somehow transcends the distance we often feel between the temporal and the eternal. My dad has always sought to steward well his platform, his gifts, his time, and his relationships including that of our father daughter bond... and steward well he has.  

Perhaps what I find most compelling this Father's Day as I reflect on what I appreciate about my Pops, is my own personal realization of how intentional he has been to also steward well (and continue to do so) the sacred art of storytelling through the medium of music. Everyone of his melodic moments and accompanying lyrics have been honored and harnessed as an opportunity to glorify God. What a true master of his art.


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I can’t express how much I love and admire my dad. I have spent my whole life watching and learning from this man and I still am continually inspired by him. He is a gift to everyone around him and I am just so so grateful I have had a front row seat to watch the glorious unfolding in this legends life.

Here’s to many more sweaty kisses on the cheek. Love you Pops.



Will Franklin


You are the most amazing man I know and I’m honored to be your son. Thanks for loving me better than I could ever deserve and for always being there for me. Hope you have an epic Fathers Day. You deserve it. 





I may not be able to write a song about how much my dad means to me, so words on a page are going to have to do. To talk about my dad is to talk about a man of God. While he has flaws, as we all do, Steven Chapman is one of the best men this world has to offer. He is a loving father, husband, grandfather, brother and son. 

People always ask me if it’s hard having a dad that travels a lot. The answer is “how can it not be?” Of course, it’s hard to not have a father around. Every softball game, dance, cheer competition or ceremony missed was another dark cloud. Yet, I never could stay upset with my dad because he tried. He worked hard out on the road and in the studio, but he also made efforts to be present in my life. He regularly would take red eyes to get home just to see us for a day or attend an event. He wasn’t gone just for a leisure trip to Hawaii. He was gone to do, not only what he was called to do, but what he had to do in order to give us the life that we have the privilege of living. Dad was gone for a job, yes, but he was also gone for us - to put food on the table, to pay for our education, and to give us a house. 

With that said, my father gave  us the world. But it wasn’t about the physical things he gave us. He gave us intangibles that money can’t buy. Dad gave us a model. I hope that my future husband will treat me the way my dad treats my mom, raise our children the way my dad raised us, and love the way my dad loves. 

Dad… You are a role model for so many and you have changed so many lives. And one of those is mine. Thank you for representing the love of the Lord so well. Thank you for teaching me even when I don’t think I have anything to learn and for never giving up on me. Happy Father’s Day SCC. I love you the most.



Stevey Joy

There could never be enough words to describe my father, Steven Curtis Chapman. He is the epitome of a selfless loving man, husband, father, grandfather, and just a true friend.

I can always count on my dad to be there for me even if he isn’t physically there. He will go out of his way to make someone’s day even just a little bit better. Here are just a small list of things he does to make my day a little better: leaving me, my sister, and my mom letters when he leaves, having flowers delivered to our house on the 21st of May, praying with me every night he is home, getting up with me every morning before school to make me breakfast, pray with me, and send me on my way. He constantly chooses to put others first. 

Dad, you have impacted so many lives, and I thank you for impacting mine. Thank you so much for setting such an amazing example for me to look up to. I’m so thankful God gave me you as my father. Thank you for loving me and everyone around you so well. I love you so much! Happy Father’s Day, Pops!

Love your favorite daughter,

Stevey your Joy!